A Preview of Our Hats & Ladders Career App Demo

Next week is a big week for ThinkZone games as we head to the White House to demo the first version of Hats & Ladders, an app we’ve recently developed for middle and high schoolers to help them explore careers. The sample slide below is one we developed to showcase how our app differs from some of the existing career education tools for students. Most of the tools start with psychological or aptitude tests being administered, a couple of “matches” being made, then a daunting set of hurdles and benchmarks being assigned to “guide” students to reach those few matches.

Hats & Ladders differs from these programs. By using the app, students quickly move from virtual exploration to real world experimentation.As they try on different hats and develop their interests, the app content evolves with them, keeping track of their portfolio of experiments and areas of interest. As students progress from grade to grade, the app supports students as they deepen their exploration of certain core areas of interest and start to add resume-building activities, providing them with a range of options for next steps to climb. The app will also continue to be updated with fresh content, which allows all students to expose themselves to more careers and areas of interest. In Hats & Ladders, the path is not straight, but instead is a recursive cycle of exploration and learning.

Want to learn more about getting Hats & Ladders for your school? Reach out to us here.

Hats & Ladders Demo Screenshot

Hats & Ladders Demo Screenshot

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