ThinkZone Research

In the summer of 2015, ThinkZone LLC conducted a survey of hundreds of in-service K-12 teachers and school administrators to understand their attitudes, practices, and barriers to use of technology and digital game-based learning (DGBL) in the classroom. We found that the majority of educators think that DGBL provides students with new ways of learning rather than focusing on content knowledge via textbooks. The majority of educators are using DGBL in some capacity and want to use games for more diverse purposes if technology supports. We further identified the sources educators use to find DGBL, the factors that influence which ones they use, and the features most in demand. We investigated issues of equity in technology access and using DGBL for assessment. While teachers and administrators were in agreement on most topics in the survey, they seem to have different views about what types of professional development would be appropriate for DGBL.

After conducting the surveys, we produced a White Paper on the results. The publication can be downloaded here: Next Generation Digital Game-Based Learning in Schools.